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Our Reason To Be

Danian Technology Solutions was established in 2013 to help clients succeed in the world of open innovation. We understand that companies face constant demand for new innovative solutions and can't always access the required skills internally.  We also know that a different mindset and skill set are required to help clients navigate the challenges associated with finding and engaging new partners.  Our services are applicable to startups as well as large companies and we have clients  on both sides of the buyer / seller equation

Our Philosophy

 The ability to effectively collaborate offers significant competitive advantage.  Companies no longer have to spend time developing all of the expertise needed for the next big innovation when a well chosen partner can get you to market faster. While collaboration opens a number of doors, it can also carry risks.  We will work with your team to secure partners, while establishing best practices to navigate through the inevitable hurdles and challenges. 


Why Us?

Tim Cusack, the owner of Danian, spent over 25 years in industry developing and managing the open innovation programs at 3 large, multinational companies. He has worked across multiple technical domains, geographies, and business sectors (i.e. consumer goods, agriculture, industrial & institutional, water, energy services).  The collaborative innovation projects he championed have delivered close to $1B in new product opportunities, while also creating significant value for the technology partners

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