Training, Coaching, and Mentoring

Bringing Hands On Experience to Your Challenge

Since Open Innovation (OI) is a relatively new discipline there are very few people who bring significant, hands-on experience to share with your staff.  Having established and developed successful OI programs in multiple companies and business sectors, the Danian staff can apply that experience to your specific needs. We are available to provide organizational support to companies in all stages of Open Innovation development 

New to Open Innovation

For companies considering new OI programs Danian will work with your senior staff to:

  • define the strategic intent for the program
  • assess the cultural readiness for adoption
  • identify the required skill sets and resource requirements
  • highlight likely challenges and means to address them
  • develop a deployment plan and timeline
  • define realistic objectives and budget requirements
  • develop a business proposal focused on return on investment
  • assist in the selection of a new team
  • interact with the business to define process governance and clarify needs
  • develop tools and process for technology scouting

Experienced in OI

For organizations already active in OI we can help your staff through challenges associated with:

  • incentivizing the organization to embrace OI
  • developing advocacy in company leadership
  • establishing a communication strategy for the program
  • creating meaningful metrics 
  • evaluating providers of Open Innovation services
  • developing systems to capture and track interactions with partners
  • managing internal and external alliances
  • developing terms for mutually beneficial collaboration agreements 
  • building a case for dedicated legal, business, and/or technical support