Services for Large Companies

Danian Services

Danian Technology Solutions brings diverse scientific knowledge, intellectual property expertise, a strategic mindset, strong analytical skills, significant deal closing experience, and an influential communication style to help you address challenges such as:

Opportunity Identification

The most effective Open innovation (OI) programs are those which clearly articulate and prioritize targets.  Danian Technology Solutions can work with your technical and business teams to establish priorities based on factors including  opportunity size, technical scope, potential paths to success, time to launch, market dynamics, and level of internal advocacy. 

Technology Scouting

Markets are evolving and companies often face challenges which require a technology or skill set which doesn't currently exist within their organization. Using process, tools, and contacts developed over years of active practice, Danian can work with your teams to identify a range of technology options to address your specific needs 

Technology Validation

When a new technology of interest has been identified there are early phases in the assessment which can be tricky to manage. Your company may want to remain anonymous until a certain level of intelligence is achieved, and access to certain information from a potential partner may pose an internal IP contamination risk.  Having managed hundreds of these assessments, Danian staff can act on your company’s behalf to report on technology readiness for your application, while maintaining arms-length exposure for you 

Development Support

The ability to rapidly bring successful new products to market distinguishes leading companies from their competitors.  Access to external skills during the development process can often make a significant difference in speed to market.  Danian can provide project management expertise to rapidly identify and engage external parties for essential services such as analytical chemistry, microbiology, rapid prototyping, IP protection, or regulatory support

Outlicensing Agent

OI is a two way street where value can be obtained through access to external technology, and also through the monetization of your own under-utilized IP.  Many organizations resource technology acquisition, but few regularly      apply resources to outlicensing efforts.  Danian can work with your teams to identify IP which may have benefit to external parties, create  and execute a marketing plan, manage inquiries from interested parties, and develop term sheets for your consideration